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If you would like to advertise your business/service/product on the Lost Woods website then please get in touch with us by emailing here.

We can offer various standard and non-standard banner ad sizes, or ecommerce solutions, in order to meet your promotional needs. All banners, images, pictures or other advertising materials will have to be supplied by the advertiser, and they must fit with the Lost Woods brand, be tagged as a promotion/sponsored piece, as well as comply with any relevant online regulations.

We also offer a range of alternative advertising packages tailored to your needs, which can include¬†sponsored/guest posts, video sponsorship and social media posts. We will however, not endorse, positively review or promote any product or service, in any kind of ‘paid for way’ as that would ruin the integrity of what we do.

If you are interesting in any form of advertising, please get in touch.