British indie film ‘7 Hours On Earth’ gets a trailer ahead of its On Demand release next month.

British teen comedy 7 Hours on Earth gets a trailer ahead of its Worldwide release early next month.

The original film is a modern-day comedy of errors that sees extra-terrestrial visitors download into a London School and cause havoc in the lead up to the upcoming student play.

This exuberant indie film is brought to you by the pupils and alumni of Tooting’s Graveney school, who created an out of this world story with their own up-and-coming acting alumni. Many of the young cast are unknowns but since filming some have taken their first steps into acting careers.

Directed by Pat Sharpe, the film stars Ramona Marquez, Karl Queensborough, Harry Jardine, Martin Marquez, Rufiat Awolope, Byron Easmon and Gus Flind-Henry.

7 Hours on Earth is available On Demand from 9th October, 2020.

Catch the new trailer above and tell us your thoughts below.